Friday, September 28, 2012

Being Defensive : How Psychotherapy Sees You

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[podcast] Madeline Veenstra Explains How She Achieved Early Startup Success Combining Fashion With A Wiki

Madeline started the site with her then boyfriend now fiancee as the technical founder, beginning with just your basic Wiki installation and the desire to fill it with all things fashion. It took off and she quickly found herself in charge of a site with traffic and an income stream from advertising large enough to live off.

Now Madeline has begun taking the next step, seeking funding to help grow her project and move to New York, one of the best cities if you work in the fashion industry. I called up Madeline and asked to do an interview so we could learn how she started her website, grew it and what advice she would have for other entrepreneurs.
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How A Guy With A Full Time Job Built A $2,000 A Month AdSense Income Niche Site And Then Sold It For $200,000 – Patrick Meninga Tells His Story

Make sure you listen to the interview where Patrick talks about the hardcore writing sessions he would commit to, producing as many as 400 articles in a month while on holiday from his job! He also explains how his adsense income grew slowly at first and what he did to grow it from $100 a month, to $200, then $300, $600, $1,000 and $2,000.

Patrick ends his story explaining how he stumbled across a buyer for his site and managed to secure his dream price – $200,000, enough money to invest and live off so he didn’t need a job again, while he moved on to new online projects.

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Ten Reasons “Why” you Should do Content Marketing

Ten Reasons “Why” you Should do Content Marketing
  1. To create online buzz and virality through “liquid content”. Content so contaigous that it cannot be controlled - This is the purpose of content excellence
  2. If a personal brand then awesome content positions you as a passionate thought leader that makes a difference.
  3. If a business brand then insightful and positions your company as an expert in its field
  4. Improves search engine results – Google and search engines love new fresh content that is published and it creates “search engine credibility” when content is linked to by other websites and blogs
  5. Creates an online asset (“an information annuity that keeps giving” – Jay Baer)
  6. It educates, informs and entertains
  7. It works 24/7 while you sleep, year in and year out
  8. Provides content that can be shared through publishing on “shareable” social media network channels.
  9. Creates loyal raving fans and followers that money cannot buy
  10. Creates engagement and builds relationships with customers and potential customers
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Create Videos That Tells Stories

Most of the time when we watch video, especially documentary, there is a narrator that explain things on the videos. Some subject might need a narration but some or perhaps most of it maybe not and that's why we create video instead of audio right? let the video tells story. You can see sample below via :

Build Links and Drive Traffic With How-To

How-To is still one of the most linkable, shareable contents out there. People use internet to search how to do something, how to get to something, from a simple stuff to a more complicated stuff. In this article Michael Gray explain why How To type of article still important for your links building and traffic driving activity.

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12 Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" Review

Ubuntu 12.04 already released on April 26th 2012. So how linux fans react to this relase? I present you 12 Review of Ubuntu 12.04
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